Reaction Blog to “Media Waves” Video

January 31, 2010 - One Response

I never really stop and think about how much I take technology for granted, let alone how it came about. While watching the video “Media Waves,” I was able to see the progression of communication and technologies over time. Even before the invention of print, people relied simply on word of mouth. Could you imagine how little we would know if all we had to rely on was word of mouth? After that, I guess it would seem to be pretty helpful just having a hand written letter sent by snail mail, and newspapers to inform us about what’s going on in the world around us. But no phone calls, no emails, no text messages. Picture how much less we would know about the world, and how long it would take to hear about the news. It would be very difficult to keep in touch with family, let alone talk to friends like we’re all used to doing on a daily basis.

It’s funny to think about the things we would do to amuse ourselves if we didn’t have movies and the internet. It baffles me to just think about what my life used to be like before facebook. It really is crazy to think about, life without facebook. And to think that all of these high-tech forms of communication, which we now have and use so frequently, all evolved from much simpler technologies.

When the telegraph was introduced in the movie, I though about how rudimentary the invention seemed to be. After the invention of the telegraph, we soon forgot about such messages and moved onto the telephone. Pretty soon we were wireless, bringing the radio and television. Such progression in communication technology is baffling when you take a minute to consider all that went into it throughout history and the ways in which it effects our lives today.