It’s On Television, And It’s Also On The Web

You feel like you’ve wasted an hour of your life after watching it. Most of the time, it’s a little trashy. It has no plot, and it most likely isn’t even real. But for some reason, we all find ourselves watching it.

What is it? Reality TV.

I know it may be mindless entertainment, but I can’t help but get sucked into the world of reality television. I really don’t watch that many shows, but I’ll admit that I have loved, and will always love, The Real World.

As I read this blog assignment, it hit me; I missed this week’s episode of The Real World: Washington D.C.! I immediately went to the show’s website and began watching the episode online.

Almost every television show has a website associated with it these days, but MTV has one of the best websites in my opinion. They play full episodes of all of their television shows online, which is fantastic if you’re busy (or maybe just a little absentminded) and tend to miss your favorite show every week like I do.

Just for starters, the website is very visually appealing. There are so many colors and textures everywhere you look. The site features photo slide shows on every page, paired with attention-grabbing slogans and descriptions that focus on the highlights of the show.

There are also a ton of links to click on, lining the edges of the website and everywhere in between, which makes the site very interactive and user-friendly.

Much like myself, other users can watch full episodes of The Real World that they have missed online. Another benefit to watching the show online is that there are bonus clips, after shows, recaps and sneak peeks right there at your fingertips, providing extra entertainment for those reality television junkies that just can’t seem to get enough.

There are also features which allow users to leave comments, download music, and blog with other fans about the show.

One suggestion that I would make would be to find a way for viewers to interact with The Real World participants themselves. Even if it were just through an e-mail or blog, some sort of direct communication with the actual people that are living in The Real World house would be really cool.

The website also includes cast photo galleries, links to other seasons’ episodes, and a schedule of upcoming airings. Anything related to The Real World that you could possibly want is only a click away.


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