It’s Only Two Days, How Bad Could It Be?

So… Avoid using media for two days.


Who knew how tough it would be to go without using media for two whole days? Well, it was brutal. I felt disconnected from the world. Left in the dark. Alone.

Alright, so maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was still unpleasant. Although it was pretty close to impossible to avoid using media completely, it was definitely a challenge simply trying to limit my usage.

I left my ipod untouched. I didn’t watch television, and avoided using Facebook. I managed only to answer a couple of texts that were sent to me. I only used the Internet for homework.

It was tough. I found myself wondering what notifications were waiting for me on Facebook, and the unanswered texts on my phone were really starting to bother me. I really didn’t enjoy walking to class without my music. The soundtrack to my life was put on pause, and it felt strange.

Eventually, boredom set in.

To pass the time without media, I found myself talking face-to-face with my friends more, rather then texting them when I’m just down the hall. I started focusing on homework a little more, too. I guess my GPA will be thanking me for this little assignment later.

Some of the media I was exposed to during my two days of avoidance was unintentional. Teachers would show videos in class, and I had to use the internet for a few homework assignments and checking my school e-mail account. So, what about all the other stuff?

The lure of unanswered texts was tantalizing, and I’ll admit that I gave in here and there. How can you make plans to go to lunch without a phone? How can you ask a friend a question without texting them? How would my teachers assign homework without e-mail? It’s ridiculous how frustrating it is not to have access to the internet whenever I want it. It made me realize how often I simply google something briefly out of curiosity, and how much I take something as simple as a search engine or website for granted.

I began to wonder, “What did everyone do in the past, before texting and the internet?” It’s unfathomable, really. Although, I think that a major part of the reason why our generation is so media-crazed is because of how readily available all these forms of media are. If Facebook, television, and cell phones weren’t around, then the lure to use them wouldn’t even exist. I guess that would make the whole media-free thing quite a bit easier.

Through this whole process, I’ve come to realize just how much I rely on all the available forms of media in order to keep in touch with my friends, family and the world around me.


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