15 Hours Of My Life That I’ll Never Get Back

Keep track of your media usage for two days. The facts will surprise you.

It’s interesting to see how logging my media usage really put things into perspective. I think we all acknowledge the fact that the media is constantly pervading our lives, but we never realize just how pervasive it really is.

I would never have thought that I spend a whole 31% of my day using media! That’s a whole 15 hours, an average of 7.5 hours each day, taken up by media consumption. Even if it’s as harmless as sending a quick text message here and there, that’s still using media, and it’s still taking up time in my everyday life.

I was the most shocked to see how much of my media-consuming-time was spent watching television. I usually don’t watch much at all, but the data says otherwise. That’s probably because I logged my media use on Monday and Tuesday, and on Tuesdays I always watch American Idol. Also, the Olympics are on now, so it seems like everyone has the television on at all times, even if it’s just on in the background.

I think that the most shocking discovery is how much time I spend on Facebook. I spent about two hours on Facebook each day! I guess my excuse for that is that I’ll randomly go on Facebook while I do homework, or while I’m just hanging out. Not to mention, now there’s instant messaging on Facebook, which keeps me on even longer. I’ve come to realize that although sometimes it’s fun and entertaining, most of the time Facebook is just another way to waste time and procrastinate.

According to the data, I learn about the world mostly through the internet. Even without looking at my little media pie chart, I could already tell you that I never pick up the newspaper, and I rarely even watch news on television. I’ve realized that I generally hear about what’s going on in the world by hearing from other people, whether it’s over Facebook or during class. Despite how often I find myself on Facebook, I also keep myself connected with the people in my life a lot through texting.

And then, there’s music. Right when I wake up in the morning, I put on some music and listen to it as I get dressed. I always have my ipod by my side on the way to class, and even have music playing in the background when I do homework.

I’m pretty sure music is a major part of almost everyone else’s life today. As I put my headphones in my ears on my way to class, I notice all of the people around me doing the same thing. When I walk down the halls in my dorm, I hear music seeping its way into the hallways from other people’s rooms, too. Music is everywhere, just as Media is everywhere.

Who knew how much media is incorporated into our lives every day? Before this assignment, I sure didn’t. But I definitely do now.

Are you addicted to media? Take this quiz and find out!


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